Friday, November 11, 2005

friday, sweet friday...

what am i grateful for today?

its a holiday--NO SCREAMERS, hurrah!

ten is having a sleep-over which has turned out to be somewhat
bittersweet...the girl she invited over is very popular and
it is hard to watch ten being so unsure of herself...but she is
doing fine so far.

six has been invited to his second birthday party of the year
(i'm ok with having no social life as long as my kids do, hahaha)

the house is clean

i have found many creative and inspiring blogs in the past
couple of days that make me want to make things :)

six and ten and i watched charlie and the chocolate factory
last night and it was amazing to watch it through six's eyes.
ten had already seen it at the theatre. six almost cried
when charlie didn't get the ticket at first...and the excitement
when he did get it? there are no words for it.

a long hot shower in a newly cleaned bathroom

the huge christmas craft fair tomorrow

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