Thursday, July 14, 2005

hmmm...i wonder what constitutes slander anyway...


this is driving me crazy.
i hate tension of any kind.

before we bought this house in may
we were renting a house from some casual-not-really-close friends.
they kind of wanted us to buy it but agreed to rent first
with hopes of rent-to-own kind of deal.
we had no idea what we were getting into...

heres a small list of what we were in for:
  • one bathroom that was so disgusting our youngest child who will eat anything off the floor refused to use that bathroom...because he said it was gross...he would get up in the middle of the night and go downstairs by himself because he hated that bathroom so much...
  • the condition of house when we moved in--still had food in the fridge, found crumbs, pasta, cereal etc loose in cupboards; found slices of bread in the bedroom closets; garage filled with junk; items of furniture left behind to be used or stored including a couch, table and chairs, coffee table, 2 dressers, black and white tv, etc.
  • hornet nest in eaves
  • they grossly underestimated the electric bill...told us it would be close to the 80 to 100 dollar mark that we were currently paying when in fact it was actually more like exactly one hundred and ninety dollars a month.
  • one fridge broke down twice while we lived there and they had it was already from the seventies for christs sake...a repair is obviously NOT going to cut it...the 2nd time it broke down, wires had burned inside it and caused a horrific smell which ruined allll the food we had in the fridge at the time (and any we put in for the next month faintly bore the same smell)
  • they conveniently underestimated the heating costs so we spent the winter rationing heat, only turning the thermostat up every hour on the hour for 15 minutes...we wore cable knit sweaters, blankets and fucking toques to watch tv at night
  • the backyard was a swamp, year round.
  • the neighbors included a government garage which housed all the fucking snowplows in our town so you can imagine the fun of that at 4 in the morning.
  • one living room was painted with feathers....need i say more....i mean i like debbie travis as much as the next person but when 1 bedroom is spongepainted in the walls, trim, door trim, window trim and fucking ceiling...and the 2nd bedroom has been done with what could only be described as contact paper and some kind of textured know you have gone overboard
when we left, the house was cleaner than moving in...
the garbage was sorted and the recyclables were out by the road
and the waste was ready to go out...

and we have been hearing from other people,
an employer for one
that they (the casual-friends-ex-landlords) are going all over town
telling people what we left behind
and that we owe them money
(a specific amount agreed on that would be paid on a certain date but

not what they are saying of course...)
and the f'ing nerve to then say
"i didn't think a friend would do that"
do what? go around and tell stories about their friend? neither...

ahhhhh fuck
this is starting to sound like a high school drama
or the after school special it really should be
heh heh
so anyway...
the funniest thing is
we know some information about them
that would be far more harmful to them
than what they are saying about us
but we're not like that
because we know they could be in serious trouble
if this got out...

so anyway...
just wanted to vent...
i feel much better now

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