Thursday, April 07, 2005

welcome to bloody hell

i really have no idea what i am doing....
i just wanted to post on someone elses blog
and impart my opinion on the top 5 great things to come out of canada
and here i am
and unexpectedly
a blogger?
i don't even know the terminology
how can i possibly succeed?


kidmagnet said...

There once was a gal with a blog,
Who realy like to drink nog.
She typed until dawn,
Then said with a yawn...
What the hell is my other clog!

hmmm not too good.. I will keep trying...
Nice blog.. I myself do not have a blog.. though I see they are quite the rage.. I am a commenter.. I blog hog if you will.


kidmagnet said...

oops I meant WHERE the hell.. oh well LOL

Jaime said...

Haha!!!! That is hilarious.
I love everything you wote.
Best first blog post ever!!!


(so, what are the top 5 things to come out of this great country?... don't say poutine, please don't say poutine. Windshield wipers maybe? I think a Canadian invented them? Pretty brilliant really.)