Saturday, April 23, 2005

sigh...packing in case of...

one way or the other
we cannot stay where we are...
it is too expensive
much too expensive...
beyond our means
and yet
ugly as sin
whether we get the house we want or not
we still will have to move
and let me just say
there is nothing like the prospect
of having to physically pack up and move all of the
clutter and crap you have collected
to make you start downsizing...
clean sweep my ass
people should just move once a year
some motivation...


Chickadee said...

amen to that! Moving is the single greatest decluttering tool....and the need to make some extra cash quick...the almighty garage sale!

gkgirl said...

the only thing i have a hard time
with is accepting that someone else
may actually (theres that damn word again)haha
want what i have to get rid of
i mean
if i don't want it
who possibly could
hey...didja see your blog in my links :)