Friday, April 08, 2005 i'm scared...

just came from mortgage broker
she was sooooo damn confident and sure and positive
that she could do this for us
that she could get us the previously unattainable...
a house...
holy holy holy
i am not going to get to freaked out
chances are
it will alllll fall apart within the next
24 to 72 hours
and then you can all tune in to see me
in painful agony and bitter defeat...
ba. ha. ha.


Chickadee said...

Your determination will pay off!!

Butterfly said...

Something has GOT to give. You'll get one, just hang in there!

kidmagnet said...

Well I will cross stuff for ya... but NOT my eyes.. no way.. my mom said they would stay that way... and I believe her!


gkgirl said... guys are so sweet
and supportive
i knew you'd see right thru the
cursing and bitter anxiety ridden
me that i appear to be on this blog
thanks alot guys