Saturday, February 16, 2013

open letter to jian ghomeshi {host of Q on CBC}

 originally sent by facebook message to the Q facebook page but i believe there must be some sort of firewall 
conspiracy that is blocking him from reading my witty yet earnest message and that's why i have not had a reply...
yet...(notice the hopeful "yet").

 hey there...
you don't know me...obviously.... did meet me once back in the days of moxy fruvous
at the barn at upei where i was the coat check girl
and was mad that i wasn't able to see you guys play
because i had to sell the tickets but you guys all gave me hug after the show.
not where i was going with this message.
{was really just trying to keep this from getting automatically deleted}
not that i think you guys would do that...
but still.

i write a blog and take photos of toys and shoot weddings and whatever
and a couple of years ago, i wrote a list of of things i want to accomplish in this lifetime.
a....bucket list of sorts...only i called it a mondo beyondo of grande proportions
(not totally my was inspired by someone else)
one of the things on my list
was to someday be interviewed on Q
by Jian Ghomeshi.
{#28 to be precise}

what exactly would i have to do to make that happen?

i want to write a book about the weird things that have happened to me...
would that help?
{ie...i once rode an elephant bareback through the McDonald's drive thru...i kid you not.}
{i have a tattoo of the grinch on my ankle}
{i craved the smell of permanent marker when i was pregnant}
i attract weirdness. it's a known fact.

i also chose BRAVE as my word for the year.
so i am being BRAVE and sending you this message to see what you think...
you can check me out
and/or here
and i have been interviewed before....twice...
by local papers after an art show i did...
and i thoroughly embarrassed myself
by talking too much and telling them i wanted to knit a robot.
see how much fun this could be?
and i totally enjoy your show.
{hence the desire to be on it say i had been interviewed by the same person who was in a band that sang green eggs and ham
AND interviewed leonard cohen...that's big, man. big.}
thanks for reading...

what do you i stand a chance?

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

Of course you stand a chance :)