Sunday, May 13, 2012

my mom...

it's funny.

i talk a lot about my dad...
maybe it's a little girl thing still...
and i don't say so much about my mom
but it's not because
i don't feel the same way about her...
the older i get
the more i see how much like her i am...
how much like her
i want to be.

she was...and continues to be...the essence of my support.
she has stood by and watched me make my decisions
for good or for bad
and has always been there to
pat me on the back
pick up the broken pieces.
she never says i told you so.
and i know that she is always there....
she is always, always there.

she is what i want to be in my kids' lives...
i want to be their back up, their silent support,
their "always".
i don't want to drive them away with judgements
and criticisms and control...
i will never say i told you so.
it is more important to me that they know that i love them,
than to show them that i was right...

every thing that i am right now...
every ethic, every value, everything that is good in me
came from them.
and i am grateful.

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Relyn said...

I am reading this on Father's Day and it is perfect! Thank you.