Monday, April 09, 2012

post-a-poem 6 {2012}

i know i missed the weekend...i knew that i would...
a wedding that saw me starting at 8 am
and finishing in a snowstorm
{a 45 minute drive extended to an hour and a half}
getting home at midnight
had me spending the next day with the aftermath
plus a cold starting.

but today.
today there was a new prompt
and sunshine
and reclaimed energy.

this girl, the prompt

this girl...she stands before the night
she is a tyrant of her own apathy
she dances with a veil of
     delusions and delight
and she longs to pass you her truth
{if you would only hold out your hand}
she longs to pass you her sad and lonely disgrace
{if only you would promise
     to understand}
but instead
     she tiptoes along a luminous thread
          following the galaxy of teeny tiny stars
              and allows herself
                     to get lost in the
                           becomes the trajectory
                                    of one's life.


rachel awes said...

what lovely photos + words
written by this girl :)
so nice to "meet" you.

Anonymous said...

beautiful writing :)

Siobhan Wolf said...

So thoughtful, so moving. Thank you.

jennifer h. said...

i really like your use of this prompt.

"she tiptoes along a luminous thread" this line especially caught my heart!