Sunday, March 04, 2012

as the weekend ends...

sunday night
and i am sad to see
the weekend end
but so happy
that it was such a great one...

got to see this in the theatre
IN 3-D
my first real 3-d movie
and i was so excited...
and how perfect that it was the lorax
ON dr suess's birthday...
and S. came with me,
which made it even better....

cleaned the house Saturday
and got lost in the first game of thrones book,
3 quarters of the way through now...
shepherds pie for a late supper
followed by a blankets&pillows-on-the-couch movie...

i took my camera

it has been so long...
and it was so good.
i missed that feeling of getting lost in the moment,
kneeling in the snow on the side of the road
just trying to get the bokeh,
just trying to catch the sun...

an awesome weekend...

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