Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tuesday truths...{the totally random edition}

i like to hear my kids laugh
but i especially like
when something i have said
is cause for their laughter...
at 11 and 15, i have not been
for a loooooong time...
so to make them laugh
feels like a bit of a victory
for me...

last night
i hijacked a picture 11 had drawn
of his usual call of duty army men
dressed in full regalia carrying arms...
and i wrote things like
"i just wish someone would give me a hug"
"i don't like to shoot people...it's not polite
that's why i use my rainbow raygun..."

my daughter is obsessed with horror movies.

i ate a perfect bologna sandwich today.


Jakki said...

I so love this photo! and the message on it.

my son makes a killer bologna sandwich...it consists of 4 pieces of bologna but it's still pretty good LOL

Char said...

what a great message and yes....making teens and pre-teens laugh is major cool

Relyn said...

I love this stream-of-consciousness post. I love that you hijacked his picture.