Tuesday, March 22, 2011

5 posts away from 1000....

where have i been since last thursday?

i have been ::
~listening to this cd and loving it
~getting up earlier to do some yoga and write a little
{hoping to make it a regular routine}
~happily watching the snow melt and looking for geese
~reading this book and not so sure about it yet
~taking pictures of marbles and shadows
~repurposing a hilroy scribbler into a new favorite list journal
~finally watching eat pray love and liking it {but not as much as the book}
~getting bangs cut
~trying to take photos of the "supermoon" and getting cursed at by our elderly next door neighbor
~trying on mascara for the first time in about ten years
{and liking the results}
~eating ham sandwiches with lots of mayo and mustard on thick garlicky bread

~planning, daydreaming and doodling...waiting and wishing for spring


spread your wings said...

that is a good CD.
i didn't get any good photos of the SuperMoon - disappointed in myself for that.
spring is budding out all over down here in the south - loving it!

Relyn said...

I love lists like this. And, man! I love this font!! I was wondering if you got my address? Just checking.

Char said...

everyone has been loving that so i have to check it out. i'm also loving mumford and sons.