Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Creativity Bootcamp Day 2

{i didn't post anything for day 1 yet because
i'm actually still working on it...}

Today's work involved a journal prompt
talking about what do i percieve
an artist
to be?
and do i see myself as one?
and why...or {as the case may be} why not...

i love how she talks about how Webster's
definition of an artist is
"one who creates objects of beauty".
{note there is nothing about by whose standards}...

i felt a small bit of release when i read those words.
and then she went on to give her ideas on it...
a yearning to create
{hey...i have that!}
a wish to produce work that reflects life the way you see it
{hey...i have that, too!}

so this morning i journalled using this as my prompt
and it was good...i found out a lot about myself in the process...
like the fact that as soon as i pictured myself
writing the words "i am an artist"
in my journal, i felt a strong surge of resistance...
a shocked feeling of "you can't write that"
{not even here, not even in my own private journal?
what about on my blog?} to which i felt a much
strong pull of no. you cannot write that.
not on your blog.

it seems as though i have work to do in this area.
but i have some ideas and some plans and a positive mindset,
so half the battle is won.

and if you haven't checked this out yet, you totally should.
i know it is almost done but i'm just starting now and
you could too!


lakeviewer said...

GK, we are bombarded with feelings of inadequacy. We have to fight them all the time. Remember when you were two and beginning to walk. What if someone told you then that you sucked at it? It takes time for things to get good, to get proficient and easy.

Relyn said...

I have loved boot camp, too. But, I am still working on some images. Full bodied?? Cripes!