Wednesday, April 07, 2010

april post-a-poem {4}

i'm writing a poem she said
you can't read it she said
it's only for me she said
the words are all mine she said
you wouldn't like it she said
you wouldn't get it she said
i am different than you she said
not better than you she said
but different than you she said
i won't let you read it she said
not even if you ask nicely she said
and then she left it out on the table
open for all to see (except me)
and walked out of the door
and that's all she said.


Nat said...

Love this...

Relyn said...

This is wonderful and it makes me smile. So? Did "you" read it? I would have. Definitely. I'm a Nosy Parker, you know.

mrs mediocrity said...

love the image, and the poem she said