Wednesday, January 27, 2010

simple things...

a text full of sweetness
stolen naps on the couch
sugar doughnuts straight from the bakery
hot pink sunrises tinged with purple
a poem that lingered on my mind all day
warm socks
a new haircut
an unexpected date night
fireflies by owl city
red marshmellow hearts
melting snow
my new staind cd
books waiting to be read
blogs to catch up on
real mail
the comforting hum of the dryer
a long hug from 14...which rarely ever happens anymore...

more simple things here...go visit...really...
she's expecting you...


Sherry said...

Love your list...I haven't read "The Secret" but I have read the other 3 and loved them. Waiting for Ami McKay's next book which is due shortly.

Kamana said...

long hugs... mmmm.

i just received me new order from amazon and have a pile of new books waiting to be read :)

Char said...

i love new books, marshmallow hearts and hugs. a beautiful list

Nat said...

And a reader who is really happy you blogged. :)

Christina said...

beginning with the amazing photo and then the jellybeans. oh yes.

Caroline said...

Such a beautiful list! So glad you joined in... Love catching up on your blog ;)

Karen said...

Oh how delightful! And I did something similiar yesterday--apparently I stumbled onto something!

spread your wings said...

this image is luscious.
your list is full of sweet and wonderful things.
(my daughter turned me on to Owl City).

SE'LAH... said...

those books waiting to be read can pile up quick around here. ;)

stopping by from Soul Aperture to say HI.

one love.

Relyn said...

I'm so glad you loved the poem. Billy Collins is my absolute favorite poem. I got to meet him this past summer and was giddy for days. Tell me about the Jade Peony, won't you? It sounds great.