Monday, November 02, 2009

day two...on a roll...

monday brings us day two of

i have decided that i would undertake
a bit of a project this month
(which will bleed into other months
as well, but i really wanted to start it
this month...)

a long time ago, i read keri smith's
100 ideas and became so interested in it,
that i wrote the list down in a journal
with the intentions of doing some of them...

time passed
and i realized
i had done
of them...

so starting this month,
i have decided
i am going to do ALL of them...
in order...
and document them here on my blog.

feel free to play along if you like
and i would love to hear about what you have done...
i have emailed keri and she said it would
be fine for me to do this
{she is such a sweetie...}
and i am really looking forward to it...
check it out...
it really is a great list
and who knows what it might lead to for you...


Relyn said...

It's going to lead to something great for me.

I know it.

I can feel it.

Alicia said...

This is wonderful! I love that you are documenting these things! Keri Smith is amazing :) I was actually just reading through her book "How to Be an Explorer of the world" tonight thinking about how I needed to start completing the explorations in that book!