Saturday, November 07, 2009

day seven...poems and photos and plans

100 ideas by keri smith::number five:
Find a piece of poetry you respond to. Rewrite it and glue it into your journal.

there was a particular poem
that i wanted to find for this...
i think that liz elayne shared it
a long time ago...
i think i may have actually copied it
into my journal then,
because it spoke to me that much.

but i can't find it
and thought i should look for a new one
anyhow, in spirit of the idea...

and after browsing a number of poems,
none of them speaking to me,
i came across this one.

and it sang to me.
it moved me along.
it made me go back
and reread and think
and it carried it's own beat...

i like poems like that.

those are the kinds of poems
i would like to be able to write.

if you would like to read it
{and i would urge you to do so...}
you can find it here.
i hope you enjoy it as much as i did...

and on a side note...
i had a meeting this week regarding
some ideas i have
and came away with a positive feeling...
another little step forward...
i am happy just taking these little baby steps
as long as they are in
the right direction....


Anonymous said...

poems are great for the soul, arent they? i have ones that i like to go back to depending on the mood i am in that day.

Relyn said...

I do love poetry. And, that poem was stunning. The words painted such visuals for me. Oh, I do love a good poet. I'm excited to poke around and discover more.

You've reminded me that I need to post about going to a Billy Collins reading. Stunning. Really terrific.