Tuesday, September 15, 2009

nobody puts baby in the corner....

i fell in love with johnny castle.

i wanted to be baby.

i still shiver when they try to do the dance scene
and she laughs everytime he trails his hand
down her side
but then finally gets it right.

that was the one movie that would end
and i would immediately rewind my borrowed
VHS bootleg copy and
watch it
from the beginning

my girl, 14, is also broken up about it...
but she loved him as darry...
which i did also
as there could have been no one more perfect
to play that part
but it was johnny castle for me...all. the. way.

{and just for the record...my favorite in the outsiders?
dally....oh...sweet bad dally...}

so sad.
i haven't felt this way about a celebrity passing
since mr hooper and mr dress up....


Deirdre said...

Dirty Dancing was my sister's favorite movie - she watched it almost every day when her kids were little. Naptime was movie time.

Nat said...

I remember reading about how he was sick and how he was so sure he would get better. It broke my heart but pancreatic cancer is one of the big killers.

It's one of those touchstone moments in film... he will be missed.

myinspired♥{sandra} said...

He was one of my biggest faves, too. It really makes me physically sick to even think of it. I'll surely miss him....

The only other lost celebrity I can say may have affected me this much was John Ritter...loved him, too.

Relyn said...

You are cracking me up with Mr. Hooper and Mr. Dress up. I love Johnny Castle, too. Still do, really.