Tuesday, August 11, 2009

admissions and various states of undress....{tuesday truths}

with the last weeks of summer
coming in
and all of them marked with
places to be and things to do
i am feeling a little panicky
that my summer is going to be over
before i know it
and will i be convinced that i have
spent it in the best possible way?

i feel like a bouncy ball...
when i am up
i am full of energy and ideas,
going to deep clean the house!
buy the kids school supplies early!
make sure all the bills are paid in time!
get husband's business in control paperwork-wise!
make a menu plan!
lose weight!
knit! sew a quilt! write a book! take more pictures!

but when the ball hits the ground,
it hits hard...
the house is overwhelmingly messy,
i don't know where to start...
money sucks...
everything is overwhelming
and each overwhelming thing
connects to another leaving me
floundering and wandering from
one half-hearted attempt
to another
in the end
feeling like i have accomplished

i like the days that i'm up
much more
than the days that i'm


Christina said...

i know, i So know where you are coming from. a little at a time, will help the ball bounce higher, right? one step at time. you are not going through it alone, my friend. : )

Nat said...

I think we have much in common...

I say ignore the housework but pay the bills, specially heat and water.

Don't forget to play, snap and dance.

elk said...

i empathize with you and bounce as well...the flower is stunning and truthful!

spread your wings said...

i have those up and down days as well. i pretty much bounce all over the place it seems.