Monday, July 27, 2009


no radio on...
no frantic clicking of the keys
on the computer behind me...
the tv has not been on yet this morning.

no one has asked me for ice cream
{after the pre-requisite breakfast, of course}
no talk of lego building
or lego websites
or drones and star war figures
or emperor palatine
and count dooku and can
my paints be used to create
custom lego men???

no ringing phone
no shower running,
no hearing the music she is
listening to, even though
she has headphones on.

only birds...
and a lawnmower...
rustling leaves...
my own jagged pitter patter
clicking of keys
as the words come to me
in small storms of truth.

and sighs
as i miss them...
they have only been gone one
night but already the day seems
so long without them here.


Nat said...

Silence is sometimes welcome, yet other times it's just a reminder of all that's not there.

Hope you find some enjoyment in alone time, and that they come home soon.

Susan Tuttle said...

i truly understand every word of this post:)

What a gorgeous photo -- i have a thing for crows -- probably the same quirk that fuels my love of Halloween.


myinspired♥{sandra} said...

love this...
silence is certainly great, but i know the feeling of missing the ones that make it so noisy. i completely understand!

elk said...

to have..
quiet is good

spread your wings said...

love this. i know the feeling even though i only have one. i've learned to embrace the quiet - most days.