Friday, May 29, 2009

friday i'm in love...{links!}

sometimes i am just smitten with what other people
can do, create, imagine, design, pull forth....
here are a few of the things that
have been blowing my mind recently:

~i stumbled across this blog and found this amazing
in which everyone wins (!!) and it has
been extended until june great is that!
i totally love the dandelions and want the swirly tree
and would put polka dots on my new computer
and bubbles in my bathroom....sigh...gorgeous!!

~i have always been a faithful reader
of this talented uber-cool sweetie
and she recently brought this to my attention...
how exciting is this!!
i LOVE real, love, love...check it out...
there is still time to sign up!

~and wow...this just blew my mind...and unfortunately,
i didn't write down whose blog i saw this on yesterday...
but i will add it if my memory gets jogged...
but this artist this is awesome
and imaginative and whimsical and wow.
it makes me gush. seriously. amazing.

~and so could anyone not adore this?
so tiny, so sweet, that little dress...sigh.

have i totally linked you all out yet?
happy friday!!


mommyknows said...

Great stuff :)

I love your header, it's fab.

elk said...

those were some wonder filled links my friend!

Paper Wings said...

thanks for all of the amazing tips and thank you for visiting my blog today.....i love your photos. :)

Nat said...

Oh I love the sculptures... in fact I want the one of the woman with windblown hair #2 -- whoa...

Pondering the letter thing.

Deirdre said...

Great links. I've just cruised through all of them and have fallen in love with a few.

Karen said...

Your happiness is just bursting out of you...and overflowing toward your readers. Thank you!

Susan Tuttle said...

Thank you for sharing these cool links -- i especially enjoyed visiting Red Nose Studio:)