Wednesday, May 20, 2009

etsy update!!

it sold!!

i am beyond excited...
i am flabbergasted.

i made something.
and sold it.
someone else saw it
liked it
enough to buy it.

i know this seems like a logical sequence of events
but i think up until this point
i have been scared to do this
have not
in myself.

i knew other people could do it
but was afraid
no one would be interested in
something i had to offer....

and now...
i am just so excited and happy...


daisies said...

doing a little happy dance over here for you, yayayayayay!!! xox

elk said...
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elk said...

first of all i heart your new header ~ so cool looking!

second the painting is stunning I am not surprised it sold...
you can do it!!

GreenishLady said...

I am also so excited and happy... because I was the lucky shopper who got in there first! That painting is going to look perfect on my newly-dressed bedroom! Blessings on all the work!

gkgirl said...


thanks again for the purchase!!

deb did it said...

i would buy it too. it is a very cool painting. BRAVO...encore, do more!

Nat said...

(I know exactly how you feel.)

Vanessa said...

oh the piece is beautiful!
of course it sold :)

hugs, xoxo