Wednesday, April 01, 2009

april 09 post-a-poem {1}

cold to the bone
on a snow blind day
you have lost me in the morning
you have lost me along the way

i stutter and i stammer
feel my way along the wall
i start
i stop
i sputter
against your brilliance
i stall

but you wait for me.
you wait.


Anonymous said...

great work. i love poetry.

Nat said...


today I hustled
and I bustled
And I left
Before he arrived.
But when he called.
I returned.

daisies said...

what a fantastically emotional start. love. :-) am so excited that i get a month of your poetry!!

Vanessa said...

Wayne Pitchko said...

great words from a fellow Canuck. We still have snow on the grounds up here in Rockies. keep up with the words

Wayne Pitchko said...

I forgot to mention....i really like your phtos also

mariannealice said...

love the of luck with the show... look forward to hearing how it all goes. Your raindrops photos are simply lovely.

Anonymous said...

"against your brilliance
i stall"