Thursday, March 05, 2009

ice, ice, baby...{it had to be said}

expect many ice photos to follow for the next little bit.

that's what i've been doing...
along with journalling,
driving back and forth to work
{taking new routes so i can find new ice},
cuddling with S,
worrying about the strange noises
my furnace is making,
listening to the kids discuss career day
and plans for the future
counting down
the days
til spring...


jfrancis said...

Beauty scatters the pieces
around the barn
beyond the ridge___
she knows the definition
and how each flake lands.

Nat said...

Great photos. Le sigh.
The new commute is a bit odd for me, though I like the long(ish) walk home.
And now that song is stuck in my head.
The one in the title.. Ack.

Anonymous said...

You realize now Im going to have the ice, ice baby song in my head for the rest of the evening, lol.