Tuesday, March 24, 2009

did i mention i was ready for spring?

i drove to work today
in a snowstorm so bad
at one point
i had a little stress cry
because i couldn't see going forward
and didn't know if i could find the road
to turn around.

i want spring.
i need spring.

and in anticipation of spring,
i intend to do this again....
and i am thinking possibly without images...
only words.

i have my photography show in april
and i feel like i have been stressing about photos
for too long now...i am going to step back...
not from taking them
but from posting them...
i am going to rely
on only my words
for the month of april...

or so i say now.


ELK said...

ok can I do this?

i am thinking about it

do they have to be
that is a lot of poems!

ELK said...

ps I am so sorry the weather/driving made you stress but I do that as well in driving situations....hang in there friend!

daisies said...

squeeeeee ~ i am doing it again this year too :-)

and on waiting for spring .. uh huh. i hear you, i feel it, i am sick of snow and frost and all things winter, soooo ready to catch up with the rest of the world, uh huh. hugs!!

Erin said...

just stumbled onto your blog, love it...and it looks like we are from similar worlds and follow similar blogs. i am sooooo ready for spring too, it snowed here today too

Nat said...

Oh god those shots are amazing.
I heard about the snow out there and thought of you. I'd send you some warmth but it's not much warmer here...

Happy warm spring thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Those are some big and juicy rain drops! Wow.
I love your poetry and the images you always choose to accompany your words. If you choose no pics then I'll just get my fill on flickr, heehee.

Sending spring vibes your way,

Vanessa said...

i always love your words *and* your images... so i'll take whatever you feel the need to share.
spring has sprung here -finally- hang on in there... the wait is worth it!
hugs, Vx