Sunday, February 08, 2009

saturday i dared {ONEWORD @ shutter sisters}

to stop on the highway
and take pictures of pollution...

many times i have looked at this...
watched it bubble out of the building,
watched it block out the sun
and this day,
i stopped my car
on the side of the road
regardless of what the many people driving by me
must have thought
and i took pictures....and it felt good.

i even skipped a little
as i ran
back to the car.

one word challenge @ shutter sisters


Nat said...

There is something I find soothing and fascinating about those poles along the highway.

Pollution aside. Naturally

ELK said...

what a delightful description of a daring keep going ggirl

Your Photo Tips said...

That's such a powerful thing to do with a camera.

Capture something that needs to be shared and share it.

Even when you think no one is listening...


spread your wings said...

great dare. that pollution needs to stop.

leaca said...

great one. love your word too. how is the new job coming?

daisies said...

oh my gosh honey ... these are absolutely stunning! you need to seriously dare all the time, tee hee