Tuesday, January 20, 2009

and the word is....


i dare.

i dare to put myself out there in 2009.

i dare to step forward.

i dare to open myself to interpretation.

i dare to let go.

this year, i will not only
continue to do the things that i love
but i will also push myself
to take things a step further,
i will dare to book a table to sell cards/crafts/photos,
i will dare to enter a story in a contest,
i will dare to photograph a wedding,
i will dare to show my photos in an exhibit,
i will dare to start a website or etsy shop,
i will dare.
i will put myself out there.

have you found a word of your own?
come on...i double dare ya.


kristen said...

my word is open. dare is a good one.

Anonymous said...

Great word and thoughts...can I share your dare? ;)

daisies said...

my word is elegance :) i love dare ~ fabulous word, xo

Nat said...

Hmmmm.... let me ponder that.

I think it might be patience...

ELK said...

you will do it I am sure..




Vanessa said...

i simply love the word you've chosen!

Toni said...

I don't have a word yet, but was inspired by this post, to write one.


jfrancis said...

Reminds me of __
cotton picken time
in West Texas.

spread your wings said...

this post inspires me too. i think i will be a little more daring this year too.
the photo is gorgeous - looks like cotton!

leaca said...

dare to photograph a wedding...yikes. my least favorite thing to photograph. good luck with that one.

you go girl. can't wait to see it all take place.

Anonymous said...

God, you just need to do it! I swear lady, your words, images... poetry all of it.