Wednesday, December 17, 2008

wednesday {december views}

december views

one of the christmas concerts
we have attended...
you can see how happy he is to be there...
there are about 15 pictures of him
getting increasingly annoyed
and tired and hungry
and hot
and wanting to go home...

and then,
after his song was over
he sat in the front row
and turned back to face us
{wayyyyyy up in the bleachers}
and began mouthing
we went and got him.

i love christmas...


Anonymous said...

Lol. Our last concert had my youngest running into the audience to find us crying. He was too shy to stand up there in front of the crowd. We have it on video too (hope you do as well!).

spread your wings said...

hahaha oh I remember the days of children's Christmas concerts.

Nat said...

Our pagent is tomorrow. I will let you know how we survived.

If it weren't for the fact that we have to work after, I'd be into getting drunk before hand...

Kate said...

You rescued him before it was over? You're heavenly parents!

Anonymous said...

haha! How funny! You are the best parents to let him go before the end. Priceless pics!

daisies said...

hee hee ... so made me giggle!

floreta said...

i remember being in school music programs since the age of 9. reading your words and seeing the pictures made me really want, for a split moment, that connection to music and raising a kid. maybe someday..