Friday, November 28, 2008

friday i'm in love {nablopomo day 28}

~playing with my new stamps
from this company
and loving the results!
{just wish it would be sunny
so the pictures would be better...}

~chicken salad sandwiches...

~getting new elf stamps and white core
paper just in time to play with on the weekend!

~this adorable newly moved blog...loving the
new digs!! { but loved even before it moved...}
and her photographer interview series is should totally check it out!
oh...and if you are going to check that out,
you should totally go visit her flickr...
you'll drool.

~misunderstandings made right...followed
by big sighs of relief...


ELK said...

your art is done with stamps? how cool ....enjoy your time doing something you clearly love!

gkgirl said...

the hat and the wand
are stamps...
the happy birthday and little hats
at top and bottom are stamps...

the rest are drawn...

and yes...i do love doing it

leaca said...

CTMH has some very nice stamps. Fun project.