Wednesday, October 08, 2008

5 really good things on a wednesday...

this is really just a teaser.
this is NOT the color of the paint...
it is only the tinted primer
but we had a good laugh
that our neighbors
were probably cursing us...
first we DON'T paint it for
THREE years
and then when we do,
we choose this color...
  • baby steps forward towards living life the way i want it.
  • planning halloween decorations for the first time in our "new" house, now that it is being painted.
  • an awesome all day shopping trip with my BFF which included trying brie cheese for the first time...{i know...i'm such a finicky eater...i hate trying anything new.}
  • brand new water color pencils to try out
  • catching up on last season's brothers and sisters...i had forgotten how much i LOVE that show.
{5 really good things is a dare
i took once
from liz
a long time ago...
but just can't stop...}


Nat said...

I can hear my grandmother "But what will the neighbours think!"....

You'll have to post finished pictures.
(Love the self-portrait.)

daisies said...

oh i so can't wait to see the finished paint ~ i so love your house :)

mmmm ... brie ~ i only indulge at christmas, tee hee

Lisa said...

What a gorgeous home! I love old houses...can't wait to see the end result ;)