Tuesday, September 23, 2008

5 truths...

~i feel as though i am on fire lately...
there are just so many things that i
to be doing that i feel that my body
can't keep up with my mind.

~i'm glad yesterday's physical is over...
for another year.

~i am a little frustrated with the
stalled weight loss...
i am eating better than i ever have
and exercising but the needle is
just not budging.

~i feel like i have fallen in love
with my husband of ten years
all over again...i think that weekend
away was a huge stimulus...
{in many ways, heehee}

~i am scared about the photo show.
i am scared about the wedding.
{and it is hard for me to admit that...}


Nat said...

Very cool photo.
Weight and fitness and health are such difficult things to get a handle on. Apparently cookies are NOT part of my healthy diet. Alas...

Vanessa said...

you will do great, i know you will!
anticipation (even in the form of butterflies in the tummy) is good. enjoy it. and, as for the weight loss, at least you're trying (which is more than i can say for myself right now!) it won't be long before you see the results. slow, healthy and steady is the best way so you're on the right road :)
hugs xoxo

daisies said...

i was terriefied before my first show ... terrified!! and the night before my first wedding, i thought i was going to come out of my skin BUT it is these things that scare us so much, these things give us such great pleasure in the end :)

you will be more than fine ...

and um ... i hear you on the weight loss, sigh .... maybe i should just be happy with where i am and not worry about the extra pounds? sigh.