Monday, September 08, 2008



i am 38 years old.


and you know what?
i'm ok with turning with 38.
i'm happy.
i'm healthy.
my kids are great, my husband is fantastic.

i am taking up new things {like photography}
and practicing older things still {like knitting}
i want to go back to school {realistically? for bookkeeping}
{in my imagination? to be a psychologist}

i am running, which is new to me,
and loving it...
and watching what i eat, also new to me,
but getting easier.

there is so much to be happy about.
and turning 38
is just icing on the cake.


Bridget said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl. Congratulations on finding peace with numbers and on running, too! XOX

chocolate covered musings said...


happy birthday beautiful you!
i turned 36 about 3 weeks ago and have never been happier, more comfortable in my skin that now.

wishing for you all of the goodness you can possibly hold right now


wendy said...

38 is a great age.

A blosom ing age.

sounds like you are doing just that.

Have a great year.

leaca said...

I just turned in July, same age.
Happy Birthday!

Vanessa said...

happy birthday to you!!!

Toni said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry I haven't dropped a line in awhile. It's been a little crazy here. I do hope you had a wonderful day.

big Hugs,
Love Toni

craftymama said...

happy belated birthday! nice to see such a positive life inventory