Friday, August 01, 2008

my up-down-up-down kind of day...

i received a package in the mail
{photos to follow when sun comes out}

in my haste and excitement,
i spilled the vial of glitter.

i was able to save most of it
after some careful scraping and

i had an opportunity at something
that could have changed a lot of things
for me.

not only did i not get it,
but i was told i missed it by only one mark.

i found out there is a week long writing workshop
45 minutes from where i live...and anne marie macdonald
is going to be one of the guest writers!!

it costs 850.00.

you can apply for a "bursary" and maybe go for free!

the cut off date for the bursary was july 15.

the sweet woman from the workshop emailed me
and told me that anne marie macdonald is going to
be doing a public reading...which i WILL be going to.

take out for supper last night.

the drive thru wasn't working, they ran out of meat (!!),
the girl that took my order forgot my fries, forgot my pop...

i realized all the mistakes before leaving the restaurant.

down but kind of an up in my little lorax heart:
the guy never showed up to cut down the trees...

just that kind of day.


amy said...

I'm sorry about the glitter spillage...I shoulda taped it shut or something. I'm glad you were able to save most of it!

gkgirl said... container was fine,
it was my excited-jittery-i-gotta-
package-in-the-mail hands...

i LOVED everything in it...
and there will be a blog post about it as soon as i can take
some better photos!!

iHanna said...

What an amazingly fun way to write about your day - up, down, up, up, down. Thanks for sharing! I need to try writing like that someday! :-)