Monday, August 11, 2008

i believe...

inspired by rachel at metaphorical magpie...

i believe that good pens can inspire new thoughts.

i believe in the power of lemon meringue pie to make the day feel better.

i believe in sesame street, in kermit the frog,
in the philosophy of ernie and bert.

i believe in wishing over traintracks, in the car, fingers crossed
on the window, feet lifted off the floor.

i believe in love, in love at first sight,
in one person only, in monogamy,
in longlastinginsicknessorinhealth...for-good-or-for-bad.

i believe in music as a soundtrack salve for life.

i believe in forgiveness, but i also believe some things
are worth holding a grudge.

i believe that grief is like an onion, with layers anew
for each added life experience.

i believe my glass is almost always half full.

i believe in not always telling the truth,
not if it's going to hurt someone else.

i believe in calm, in retrospect, in self awareness,
in the moment.

i believe in consequence.

i believe in magic, but i also believe in proof.

i believe in saying i love you everyday, without fail,
no matter your mood...because you. just. don't. know.

i believe in santa claus.


Bridget said...

How on earth do you do this? I've got Santa down pat and everything else is just not coming. You're inspiring though. So, so much, girl. I squeal every time my bloglines brings up a new post from you.


liz elayne lamoreux said...

thank you for this list...for sharing these pieces of you.

Rachel said...

Amazing list. I'm so happy this is catching on. I hope it keeps growing and Marilyn gets to see what she started.

Deirdre said...

I've come back to read and re-read this post several times. You've said it all here, everything that matters in life.