Thursday, August 21, 2008

checking in on a sunny day...

on vacation this week...
not going anywhere really...just not going to work
{which is enough for me, heehee}

things that are making me giddy-happy at this precise moment?

12-now-13's sleepover horror-movie-fest birthday party
was a success...and is over...{both make me happy}

i'm going to hear anne marie macdonald read tonight...
with my sister in law who loved this book as much as i did.

middle of the afternoon phone calls from s. just to say
that he is thinking of me...after almost ten years of marriage.

sunshine...after days and days of torrential rain...

this book...and watching this series still with s.

garlic, lemon, olive oil, vinegar...on everything.

sun warm strawberries right in my own yard.

an email from a salty girl...

1 comment:

daisies said...

staycations are the best ... wish i was still on mine ;-)

i LOVED the tudors!!

enjoy : )