Friday, July 04, 2008


with summer
and sunshine
and flowers on strawberry plants.
with bands i forgot i liked {sloan}
and fresh berry smoothies made in a new blender...
i'm in love with 8 making it through a sleepover
for the first time as a friend's house
{in a bittersweet kinda way}
i'm in love with my pilates class
and walking on the boardwalk at seven in the morning
seeing the sun glint off the water
and feeling the water in the air...
i'm in love with trying the tripod
and not feeling too self conscious...
{it was in my own yard, after all...}
and i'm so in love with having a week's vacation
starting at 3:00 tomorrow...


Deirdre said...

It all sounds wonderful. A really good start to a vacation.

I always feel a little dorky with my tripod, but it's the only way I can do any macro shots. And I've learned to care less about what other people might think. Finally.

daisies said...

i sometimes pack my tripod over my shoulder and set it up in the middle of people ... heh heh ... i have grown fearless over the years ;-)

i LOVE these portraits of your loves, beautiful ... enjoy your vacation beautiful you!!