Monday, May 26, 2008

opinion, please?

we bought our house 3 years ago
and have been totally focused on the inside...
gutted the downstairs,
moved the main set of stairs,
new flooring in kitchen and living room,
new roof,
all new windows,
that kind of thing...

this summer, we are redoing the bathroom,
finishing all window trim inside,
and painting the outside of the house.

i am torn on the color.

we are leaning towards
barn red
trading post red
or {my personal favorite}

what do you think?


daisies said...

i so knew your house was cool ... sigh, i wish i lived in the eastern provinces :) though my house is lovely and old, i think it is half your size, lol ...

i love the colours you've chosen, leaning towards the trading post red and the spice, yum .. i also like the ochre but am partial to yellow ;-) it will be so beautiful all painted bright :)

kristen said...

i love your house! i'm choosing trading post red - i think it would look delightful.

iHanna said...

I think the trading post red looks kinda brown, I'd go with the spice I think (if light pink is out of the option! ;-)

Beautiful house though, it would great in any colors!

Jessie said...

omg, i live for questions like this! :) i swear, there is no greater joy than trying to decide paint colors. am i pathetic, or what? :)-

i vote for spice. but how would it look trimmed out with one or the reds and/or even the mustard?? whatever you decide, have fun painting! you have good taste. it's gonna look fantastic! :)

Seeker Of Light said...

Spice... yep Spice.

barbara said...

Spice... I think the softer color will look good on the hard lines of the house... what color for the trim? Not white, ocre maybe, or buttermilk cream.

ncp said...

l i m e s t o n e
with a barn red front door


Deirdre said...

While driving through town one day last week I saw a house very like yours painted a spice-ish color. It was so pretty. So, spice is my vote.

Rachel said...

I'm breakign for the pack and voting for Barn Red. I also like the Soldier Blue.