Friday, May 16, 2008

have & haven't

what i haven't been doing:

blog reading
knitting on the sweater {or the pink blanket}
sewing the baby quilt i bought material for
reading atonement {not much}
catching greys anatomy
baking the apple crisp i have promised the kids a week ago
getting my bangs trimmed
planting my garden
scraping the paint off my house
drinking anything with caffeine in it {cold turkey}

what i have been doing:

working, working and working...gah
ordering faucets and tub fillers for the new tub
looking for tile for the tub surround and step
removing everything from our bedroom to put in new bed
planning the new closet for our bedroom
teaching the kids the value of a day planner
drinking more water
walking at least 20 minutes each day {since tuesday}
taking heaps of clothing to salvation army
counting down the days to the leonard cohen concert {squeal!}

what have you been doing?


daisies said...

i've been outside in the hot sunshine, taking photos, writing more in paper journals and less in blogland, digging my fingers into the dirt, planning paint colours for the house trim and new steps, plotting out whether we can afford the new back deck this year and figuring we probably can, laughing with family and lunching with friends, working and spending more time away from the computer, it is good i think :)


changapeluda said...

i've been worrying up a storm about my aunt,
worrying about my mom's Lupus
worrying about my daughter not calling becuz she went to the lake and there's no service out there and she forgot what a dang payphone is
and in between i made a bitchen scarf for my aunt with pix of the virgin mary and my aunt's dog
(a chawienner named lil sister)
ironed on.

i clicked on you from boho's blog

barbara said...

I am learning to be silent. To sit in meditation. To live fully and alone. I'm riding my bike and baking cranberry bread in the toaster oven out on the patio. I'm preparing for the onslaught of an Arizona summer. I'm listening to friends and to myself and handing all I hear to that higher power who can do something about it. I'm planning a new knitting project and cleaning off my desk. I'm reading the Abby of the Arts website and blog. I am being humbled by the amazing poetry I read. I am signing up for classes in writing and art. I am climbing out of this crusty cocoon hoping my wings will open.