Wednesday, April 02, 2008

post-a-poem, april two {overheard}

"i have to practice the clarinet"
her eyes sliding toward the door
he shrugs impassively
never admitting he wants more

{the yellow balloon
in her hand
is translucent in it's girth}

she never questions his loyalty
only passes him
receipt of what she's worth

he accepts the scraps,
paper and pulp...
his eyes slide to the door
he's only agreed to
pass the time,
he's never agreed to more.

the prompt was from readwritepoem...
to take something overheard and put it into a poem...


January said...

Hello. Feels like ages since I've been by.

I really like your overheard conversation. And it rhymes, which is always impressive when done well.

Crafty Green Poet said...

There's something going on underneath this, isn't there? I like the detail of the balloon...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I so liked this... as CGP said, there's more here than meets the eye!
The very first line immediately drew me in, as if she were convincing herself of something...

daisies said...

sigh ... i really love this, the detail of the balloon is really perfect.

chicklegirl said...

The flow of this was so smooth, I didn't even notice the rhyme until the second time through. I love all the nuances here, words woven so deftly.