Monday, March 10, 2008

creative check-in {tally-up three} {and the life list}

i feel like creatively this week
i had a hard time...
with spring in the air, i'm trying hard
to tone up and slim down
and that has been my focus for this week.

i have gotten some new things started,
just nothing finished.

but a new list...
the beginning of my
"life list"
{with more to be is my "life" list, after all}

  • go to italy
  • skydive
  • see the skydiggers
  • grow sunflowers
  • make my own salsa
  • reread all of margaret atwood's books
  • write a story
  • try to publish something someday somewhere
  • take a sewing class
  • declutter my house
  • put our photos into scrapbooks
  • get photos off the computer so they can be put into scrapbooks
  • teach the kids to play scrabble
  • have a lilac tree {with flowers i can reach}
  • go to disney world
  • drink more water, eat better, exercise more CONSISTENTLY
  • find a job that i love ALL the time
  • plant strawberries
  • make a quilt
  • go rock climbing
  • ride a real rollercoaster
to be continued....


chocolate covered musings said...

that's a really beautiful list. i so love to come and visit you and read about the beauty in your life.

thanks so much for coming to visit me at my new place and for your very kind words.

it is such a pleasure to know you and an honour to call you my online friend


daisies said...

what a perfectly beautiful list :) i too am in the process of trying to tone up and slim down, its a process topped off by a brownie last night, eep ;-)

Vanessa said...

i love your list... and i dig that you said "real" in front of rollercoaster... because i can relate to that!

iHanna said...

Love lists too, it's kind of creative to just put them together, huh? :-)

I hope you do it all, but start with just one today!

Deirdre said...

A great list - and all do-able.

Frankie said...

Fantastic list! I love how sometimes our "to-do" lists say as much about us as people as our "I've done" lists. This certainly speaks volumes about your beauty and joy and all the reasons you so greatly inspire me to live a fuller life. Thanks for this!! I'm excited to see these all put into action!

Leah said...

awesome list!! and yeah, i'm totally feeling that spring fever craziness too!