Friday, February 08, 2008

friday-i'm-in-love (with-the-everyday-stuff)

i originally took this photo as an idea for the
celebration theme
for SPC
but then, didn't use it...

i love the SUPER was brought
into the office to keep me from (quitting) freezing
and it throws off an immense amount of heat
i love the retro graphic SUPER FURNACE
and saying SUPER FURNACE just like that...
( is in this post that i admit how strange i really am)

my book...
my go-everywhere-list-everything-hold-everything-
in-with-2-rubber-bands book...
initially...i wasn't sure...
it wasn't my color...
and i had never used spiral bound before

but the pages make an endearing crinkly sound
when i turn them
and i have stuffed it with bookmarks and
printed off recipes
and song lyrics
and lists of lists with more lists listing lists.

and on the back, i have rubber-banded
my favorite-ist blank paper pad
sent to me by the cutest l'il blogger
so that i have no excuse not to doodle
(please excuse the dark pictures)

my constant companion,
my connection..
my plug-in
that provides
my connection
to all of you...


Deirdre said...

I do love a good space heater. My cat curls up in front of ours even when it's not plugged in - I guess it even looks warm.

I have to admit I love, love notebooks, and they don't even have to be pretty. That crinkly sound is music.

I'm lusting for a laptop right now. Oh the things I could do if only (sigh) I had a laptop...

Bridget said...

For some reason it makes you that much more incredibly endearing to me that you carry around a notebook full of song lyrics and little bits of info.

I did that for so many years and I almost miss it now.

pERiWinKle said...

your words take my breathe away....xx

your book is lovely....i'm just gathering all the pieces to start me...excited...for you having yours...and carrying it with you! xx

Frankie said...

Gorgeous list! I especially love that book. It's beautifully decorated and I too, love those kinds of collections of oneself - random, tiny pieces that spark our interest, that somehow define us, that we treasure as everything. I just love it! xoxo

daisies said...

i LOVE superfurnace and the font *swoon* (yes i am that weird) and that book, how incredibly fun and i too carry around the very same apple covered notebook from the cutest blogger ever ;)

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

i love the notebook...the more stuffed the better...i tend to not overstuff mine because i hate things falling out etc but i hadn't thought about the rubber band idea...hmmmmm...i'm going to start stuffing away....

Leah said...

aww, what a great list of things to love. i especially love that little book. i couldn't help but imagine all the goodies it holds. what a treasure!