Friday, February 22, 2008

friday-i'm-in-love (the quick and dirty version...)

- sunshine, beautiful brilliant yellow sunshine....

- the end of the week...a painfully long week,
in some respects...too short, in others

- the promise of take out tonight

- recharged camera batteries,
ready to go.

- this newly discovered website
{new to me, anyhow...}

- the possibility of really good news
for a best friend of that
brings relief...


daisies said...

i jumped up and down in the sunshine spilling into my office at the newly discovered website (new to me too, eeeeee!! tee hee) ~ i am such a poetry junkie ...

have a beautiful weekend beautiful you! xo

Frankie said...

Good list!! I've never seen that website's wonderful! Thanks for sharing it. All my hope for your friend and enjoy your take out! YUM :). Have a wonderful rest of your friday! xoxo