Wednesday, February 13, 2008

5 really good things on a wednesday...

i don't have to think very hard to find
5 really good things on this wednesday
{oddly enough, given that we are in the middle
of yet another snowstorm...}
i feel like spring is coming!!!

when i left work yesterday at five,
it was still bright out...the sun had not set,
was not even close to setting, i still had at least
half an hour of

{insert happy sigh}

in light of
the fact that winter's grip
has loosened
just a smidgen
here is today's 5 really good things
on a wednesday...

  • these two crazy-funny endearingly-sweet kids...who make me smile no matter what the season...
  • over the halfway mark on the knitted baby sweater
  • apple crisp...i know this was on last week's too...but we made another one and good.
  • flickr...heh...i know you guys know all about it but i have only really started to take advantage of it...and i love it!
  • a virtual conversation with a saltwater princess in which the possibility of meeting {for real!!} someday is exciting!

apple crisp...mmmmmmm
can you smell it?

go see liz...she is waiting for your five!


daisies said...

i want some apple crisp ... hmmmm, i have a bowl of apples at home tee hee

i feel like spring is about to leap into action even though we just had a snowstorm too .. the light does feel hopeful i think ...

we loves flickr :) and if you do meet the saltwater princess, you must give her a hug from me too :) i think it was you who first introduced me to her ...

Bridget said...

Oh geez, I don't know what makes me warmer tonight-that yummy looking apple crisp or all these potential hugs floating around. Maybe we should all get together. I look forward to the possibilities!

Rachel said...

That apple crisp looks divine. Now how will i go to sleep? Dreaming of cinnamon scented apples? Mmm. Zzz.

Frankie said...

What beautiful children you have!!

The apple crisp looks divine and if I wasn't so full of Valentine's candy, I'd have a serious craving for this right about now. Yum :)

And yayy approaching spring! I'm waiting...waiting...

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

i saw the 1st blossoms of spring this week and i cannot tell you how excited it made me!