Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the aftermath...

our street this morning...
this tree fell.
the whole tree.

this second one fell
right in our neighbor's yard,
luckily it didn't hit anything.

we are hoping this group will be ok,
although my husband just came in
and said
branches are still falling
this morning from the weight
even with no wind.

i can't tell you how eerie
it was to be out there this morning
with the stillness and the silence
and the sound of
ice cracking and tinkling
and the branches heavy and ominous
in their


Deirdre said...

Okay...suddenly the almost constant rain of the past few weeks doesn't seem so bad. It's good you were able to stay inside and warm yesterday.

kristen said...

ice storms are so devastating and i'm so drawn to their aftermath. that tinkling frozen beauty...that last photo is especially lovely.

today's photo prompt over at shutter sisters is weather, you could submit some of these lovlies...xo

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...


kelly said...

oh my gosh.....brrrrrrrrrrrr!

liz elayne said...

ice is incredible. i can just imagine that quiet and the cracking...eerie...but beautiful too.
stay warm and safe dear girl!

daisies said...

eek!! we really are having some weather aren't we? ice is so beautiful, gorgeous photos but definitely eerie ... hugs! hope the trees survive, xox

Leah said...

we had a storm like this a couple weeks ago and some big trees came down. it is both scary and beautiful. stay warm!! xox