Tuesday, November 13, 2007

SPC (what i wear...week two)

i wear docs.

i bought my first pair about 14 years ago...
8 hole and black.
i wore them with baby doll dresses.
i wore them with frayed jeans.
i wore them with my mcdonald's uniform.
i wore them in mosh pits and climbing
forbidden scaffolding outside of churches.
i wore them on first dates.
i wore them on the last ones, too.

my husband bought me my second pair of docs
in burgandy, also 8 hole...
i wore them with maternity clothes.
i wore them at the bookstore i worked at
which is why the toe of one is so much more scuffed
than the other, because i constantly knelt on one knee.
i wore them on my kid's first day of school
and to my daughter's graduation from grade six.
i wore them when i started my first day of school
for early childhood education.

i bought my third pair from a customer at the bookstore.
he asked me if i wore docs all the time,
(which people asked me regularly)...
when i said yes,
he offered to sell me a pair that he had bought
for his girlfriend
while he was on a trip to montreal
only to find out when he got home
that she
had cheated on him.
he sold me the 350.00 boots
fifty dollars.
i wear these boots with cords and
baby doll dresses layered over frayed jeans.
i wear them with business skirts and conservative
i wear them to work and to the kid's dentist appointments.
i wear them while taking pictures
and i was wearing them the day i got my driver's license
at 37.

i wear docs.

see what others are wearing...


Vanessa said...

you got your driver's license at 37? I love you. I'm 36 and still unlicensed and I needed to hear that!

oh and I love docs too. i bought myself a zip up pair of knee-highs (biker boot style) just recently. so comfy and chunky and cool.

these photos are great!


Kathleen said...

oh my goodness i heart this post so much...

i have worn docs for whatseemslikeforever!
my first pair were black oxfords that i bought in 1989. i had them until last year.
my favorite pair ever was my maryjane docs. i wore them waiting tables and while i was in school getting my education degree. i wore them walking all over baltimore and annapolis maryland for the five years that i didn't have a car and had to commute via bus to each city.
when i moved to baltimore, i bought a pair of 8-hole black boots so i would look tougher. i wore them bartending with my black skirt and t-shirt while making cocktails and cappucinos. i had them on when i was mugged, with a gun in my face, too. sigh...
i guess they didn't make me THAT scary. lol
(i was fine...just shaken)

i love the stories behind yours. especially the ones you bought from a customer! those are so beautfiul...

they hold memories. i love that about shoes.

angela said...

i love this post, it feels like i've walked alongside you in your doc's! great photos and the last pair is amazing. stay warm :)

Sacred Suzie said...

Could they be cooler? I don't think so! My poor feet can't handle docs but I envy you, I love how tough, strong and artistic they are. I also love hearing your stories about what happened during the years you have worn them.

Shannon said...

Docs ftw! I have worn them for many many years. I was at a shoe store years ago and they were selling them off at about $20 and said they wouldn't be getting any more in. I bought everything in my size and now I think they are all worn out....but I remember them well.

Left-handed Trees... said...

What a great meditation on your Docs--sounds like they've served you well!

liz elayne said...

this post is wondrous. oh i love this glimpse into what you wear and what you love and how you live and who you are...
beautiful you and your docs...

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

i LOVE this post...it was so good!!! you look good sportin' those docs...the more worn the better right???

betty said...

oh yay. I'm so happy to see people wearing things I love! I have docs left over from jr. high

nicole said...

all three pairs of your docs are great, i especially love the detail on the last one. and i love that you wear your docs everywhere with everything!

amy said...

This is a great post. I love the color of the wall behind you. Do you want to know something funny? I thought that you were in your early 20's from your appearance in the pictures that you took for last weeks post. I was thinking, she has a daughter that graduated the 6th grade? 37?! I must say that you are a fabulous looking 37! Oh, and thanks for the comment. ;)

Jamie said...

I am with you sister! One of the best things about docs is that they take you everywhere! I've worn mine with army pants and with an evening dress. Docs rock.

daisies said...


i still wear my docs everywhere with everything, i have two pairs of 8 hole docs but am lusting over your newest pair and wow ~ $50!!!

i love this post, beautiful you!! xox

Vedrana M. said...

cool :) i remember when i got my first pair...

Anonymous said...

Docs rock! I wish i still had a pair....
I still don't have a drivers license at 29 :)

acumamakiki said...

Big sigh. This is my favorite post and I'm sorry I missed it. I love your most recent pair most of all.

Janet said...

how behind the times am I? love this post, makes me wish docs were for me, but my feet don't like them eventhough my eyes do. And I think there's a very special kind of beauty in women's shoes that are made for walking!