Tuesday, November 20, 2007

SPC (what i wear...week three)

i don't wear a lot of jewelry...
but what i do wear
i tend to wear

my engagement ring
is the simplest, smallest ring
we could find,
my choice.
my band, just a band...
i wear one other ring
which was given to my mom
by my dad...
that's it and that's all.

i never take them off
and i twist them all the time
out of habit.

i wear one necklace...
it was a hemp one but i wore it til it fell apart
then i switched for one with a wooden fish on it
but recently
switched to the magnetic
and i fidget with the heart on it

he gave me magnetic earrings, too but
i think i will pass on that.

edited to add...go here for more self portraits!


Sacred Suzie said...

The magnetic jewellery is probably hematite and I am glad you're not wearing the earrings because I wouldn't put something that magnetic close to my head, but that's just me, I'm totally paranoid! I'm also very electric already.

I love that you are very loyal to your jewellery. That is very cool.

betty said...

I don't wear any jewelry at all. If I did, it would be something sentimental like yours are.

Anonymous said...

sentimental jewels are the best!

Bon Bon Mom said...

Happened upon your blog when you commented on mine. Love your post about the importance of what you wear. I'm a hair twirly, not a ring twirly. Although after 14+ years I've noticed my thumb automatically gravitates to the underside of my ring finger to feel that connection.

I'll be back. ;)

nicole said...

your simple jewelry in quite nice. do you think the necklace really helps the headaches? just asking, b/c i get headaches all the time to and am always looking for ways to get rid of them.

daisies said...

i love that you are sentimental about your jewelry. i am too :) only i wear a lot of different pieces but my simple wedding ring is my staple.