Saturday, November 10, 2007

saturday snippets

after a 3 day headache from hell,
i am back.
rejuvenated and ready to roll.

i am sick of three day i called the guy who sells
magnetic pain relief in the form of jewelry,
a necklace in my case...
and i am normally too cynical for stuff like this,
but damn it,
i want it to work...
i want to feel better.

so i'm trying it.

and that is pretty much my saturday snippet.
i am currently headache-free,
spent an evening watching "meet the robinsons"
followed by how the grinch stole christmas
while twelve made sugar cookies for the first time
all by herself....

i hate being sick,
but i love feeling better.


acumamakiki said...

the feeling better, after being sick is brilliant.
we loved meet the robinson's and are anxiously awaiting its arrival to DVD so we can have a copy of our own.

here's to a week of feeling good!!

bella said...

Headaches suck.
But when the leave? It is the most amazing feeling. I swear I can actually feel the absence, that it takes up space in my head, these runnels where the pain borrowed through.
Hope you continue your headache free streak.

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

let me now how the magnets work...i've never tried them but i know others who swear by them...

did you like meet the robinsons??? i loved it...

daisies said...

i watched 'meet the robinsons' on the weekend too ~ LOVED it!! :)

glad you found a way to feel better, smooches! xox