Saturday, September 08, 2007

this blog is being brought to you today by the number 37.

i am 37.

because 2007 subtract 1970


i am ok with my age...
because i don't feel any age...
or rather,
i feel a different age every day...
it is squiggly and indeterminable and
liquid, this idea of age...
what is it really?

and why the power?

the number of years, the accumulation of days,
the markings scratched onto the wall of my life
proving that i was here?
but i am here.

regardless of my age.

which is 37.



Deb R said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope 37 turns out to be a wonderful year!

mariannealice said...

happy birthday, you! Thank you for your words...I always get something out of reading them. Hope you are being fabulously spoiled today!

deirdre said...

Have a wonderful day! Happy Birthday to you.

daisies said...

2 days late but ~ happy happy birthday (and i just did a little dance with a twirl and everything)

: )

37 is a wonderful year, i was 37 last year at this time so i remember it well, i hope your year is filled with beautiful happiness and growth and all things lovely ... xox

wendy said...

happy belated b-day!

oh to be born in the 70's....