Monday, September 17, 2007

the day after my birthday...

as part of my birthday present
we packed the kids up the next day
and went driving
looking for places to use my new camera.

we found dirt roads and lost wooden bridges,
barns ready to retire and purple trucks
parked in a field.

i adored this day.

the kids were reluctant at first,
especially twelve...
but she took her hand-me-down camera
and in the end, they both had a lot of fun
and said
we should do this more often.

i agree.


daisies said...

sigh ~ what a perfect day :) wonderful photos!!

deirdre said...

Oh, I love days like this. Our vacation this year was spent in search of photograph opportunities. Because I have a new birthday camera too!! It's quite a tasty addiction.

natascha said...

Happy birthday!!
Lovely pictures! All looks so beautiful!
Enjoy your camera!

harmonyinline said...

Happy Birthday! looks like you had fun.