Thursday, July 05, 2007

where have i been?

getting bruises

and haircuts

going on rides
and gardening...

where have you been?


daisies said...

ouch!! that is one crazy bruise !! hmmmm, none of mine even come close to that though i have a bunch of little ones everywhere ...

you are so super cute ~ love the hair :) and all that great colour in your house ...

i have been in the sunshine, gardening, painting my kitchen, soccer games, bike rides and musical interludes ...

yay summer!!

Deb R said...

Damn, that's a hell of a bruise! What happened??

Your hair looks cute!

I've been wrestling computers. :-)

deirdre said...

Owww! I had one like that on my arm a couple years ago, but more technicolor - it took forever to go away. Hope yours is better sooner. You have my full empathy. And curiousity.

The haircut is very cute. The color too.

We've been gardening too. In fact, I cooked the first zuchinni tonight.

Christina said...

Holy bruise mama!

I've been...
painting with Bean
getting blisters
going on dates
taking naps

acumamakiki said...

that is some bruise!

love your new haircut and how your garden grows.

i've been...



going into the city

going to the beach for photobooth strips and funnel cake

enjoying summer!