Monday, July 30, 2007


i took the kids to a fun park yesterday
and spent the day with my childhood
(and current)
best friend
and my kids
going on water slides, in the pool and slamming
each other in the bumper boats...

this is what the sky looked like on the drive home.
and the funny thing was
no matter how many times i pulled the car
over to take some pictures,
the kids never asked me once
what or why i was doing it...
they just accept it now
that their mother
is odd.


deirdre said...

Ah, but you're a good kind of odd. They'll appreciate it more when they're older.

krista said...

That's cute. Maybe they just think that your odd is actually normal? Haha. (I totally do that too by the way)

daisies said...

yeah, i am thinking your odd is my normal so it must be normal ;-)

beautiful photos :)